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Are you loooking for a trusted vendor/distributor/wholesaler to support your Just-In-Time (JIT) Inventory?  Would you like to Receive the value-added and custom services to meet your special needs?  

YanTech USA offers the Pre-order services to satify all your needs!  Pre-order is the most efficient way for wholesale orders and customized product orders. YanTech USA also offers the free consultation on customized products based on the customers’ special needs and design, therefore allow businesses/consumers to create customized solutions for special needs and to build value-added applications.

We require you to pay 50% of the full payment before the manufactories start producing the products, and the other 50% payment will be due before the manufactures ship out your products. Please allow 7-10 days to process the order including shipment before you can receive the package.

The pre-order products are not limited to the products listed below.  Please contact us for more details information.

LED Light Bars: We offer the service to customize the flashing patterns, LED color, and functionalities of Take Down lights, Alley lights, Cargo lights, Brake/Tail/Turn Signal lights according to your requirements.

Cameras: We customize various cameras based on the customer's needs for the usage of vehicle, robot, mortocycle, truck/fifth wheels, boats, et.

Wireless Transmitter and Receivers Units: We provide consultation and preorder service on the distance, frequency and power level of the wirelews transmitter and receiver to fit your application.

Cables: We provide various length of cables that include the cable for rear view backup system, the cable for LED light bars, the adapter wires to hep your application system work.




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