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LED Driver for Lightbar Brake/Tail/Turn Signal Lights


Product Information

Univeral LED Driver Box For Brake/Tail/Turn Signal Lights of Our 60", 50" and 47" Light Bars

This LED driver enable the light bar user to use two of the funtions simultaneously: Brake Lights, Tail Lights, Hazard Lights or Turn Signal Lights.

1. Take the 4 wire side of the control box and connect them to your standard trailer wires

2. Connect the 3 wire side to the light bar brake light wire, which has 2 positive (red) and 1 ground (black) wires. The wire mapping is below.

Red (Lightbar wire) > Green (LED Driver):  Right Turn Signal/Brake

Red (Lightbar wire) > Yellow (LED Driver): Left Turn Signal/Brake

Black (Lightbar wire) > White (LED Driver): Ground

Product Code: LEDDriver

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